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Announcement on the EVERGENT Investments dividends payment for 2020

EVERGENT Investments SA announces the shareholdders that the Company will start paying the dividends for the year 2020, in compliance with the Resolution 4 of the General Meeting of Shareholders held...

EVERGENT Investments shareholders have approved all resolutions on the agenda of the Extraordinary and Ordinary Meetings of Shareholders

EVERGENT Investments shareholders have approved by large majority all the resolutions on the agenda of the Extraordinary and Ordinary Meetings of Shareholders. The main resolutions have been: the app...

Evergent news

The third stage of the buyback program of own shares

  The third phase of the buyback program takes place between March 29, 2021 and May 7, 2021.

EVERGENT Investments SA intends to purchase AGRICOLA INTERNATIONAL shares

EVERGENT Investments SA indents to purchase a maximum number of 667 shares representing 10% of the share capital of AGRICOLA INTERNATIONAL S.A. Bacau for a price of 13.000 lei, for a share with nomin...

Media kit

The media kit was created to ensure the correct use of the visual elements of Evergent Investments online. These rules are essential to achieve the consistency of the new brand and should be used according to the use rules issued by Evergent Investments. For more information and/or in case of uncertainties regarding the use of visual design elements, please contact us at

Evergent Investments’ logo, namely the image and text component, is registered trademark of EVERGENT INVESTMENTS SA and is protected by the intellectual property law. All use and/or reproduction rights are reserved.

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